- The Designer -

Ania Armand is a Polish born fashion designer based in London. Ania began her fashion journey in the nineties when she designed her first prom outfit. Later, over the years Ania Armand created a number of garments taking inspiration from her mother, who had commissioned a dress maker in order to make the majority of her wardrobe in accordance with her (mother’s) ideas.


As a teenager Ania was involved in “Maska” (the Mask) theatre in Zakopane (Poland) acting in several plays and winning the Grand Prix in the Voivodeship Recitation Competition (county competition). Ania Armand graduated with an MBA in Marketing and Tourism from Katowice  School of Economics (Poland). She also completed a Fashion Design course at London’s Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design under the mentorship of Cheryl Eastap. Both during her business and fashion studies, Ania was involved in a spectrum of art workshops and the Earth sciences, spheres which have had a considerable impact on her work.


Ania Armand’s collection called Masterpiece comprises demi-couture, structured pieces, inspired by architecture. The garments are beautiful and must occupy your wardrobe!


"In clothing a woman’s soul can be seen. The designer discovers woman’s soul and paints silk pictures of a dress. / A masterly tailored dress makes a woman the Belle of the Ball in every circumstance and makes her feel great. / A sensational outfit immediately changes a woman and renders anti – aging moisturizer unnecessary. / A woman attired in muslin, shantung, jersey or crepe is like a goddess who came from Phidias’ chisel. "